Ways to get Online Access

Smartphone/tablet App OR web browser access via NHS login

The NHS App offers additional features over other online access providers, such as your Covid Pass and management of organ donation.  You can also send us an eConsult directly from the App (via Check your symptoms), saving you re-entering your personal details. 

It also offers Proxy Access- for you to manage online services for a child/other cared for person (see section below for more details)

To use the NHS App you will need to create an NHS login and prove your identity - see online guidance here  

If you are already registered for Online Services you can use the Linkage Key, ODS code & Account ID provided on your Online Services registration document - you should be able to find this information within your current Online Services provider (in Patient Access: click on your name in top right & View Profile / Linked Practices / My Practice)

If you are having difficulties setting up or using the NHS App, please use their Help and Support.

Register at the Practice for Online Services as a new user

Usually Online Services access is provided only to patients aged 16 and over however this can be extended to patients aged 11-15 with parental or GP consent - please ask Reception for an application form generated from our EMIS clinical system or see the Proxy Access section if you want to manage online services on behalf of a child.

There are several on-line service providers and you can register with more than one.  Whichever online services provider you choose to register with: 

  • ensure you register for Fireclay Health online services - select BS5 7PH address even if you are primarily a Lodgeside patient (Lodgeside Surgery may be displayed in search results but will not work if selected)
  • Use a unique email address for your account log-in, i.e. not shared with another user of this online service

Your account can then be linked & unlinked from the GP practice so that you continue to use the same account even when moving GP.  Please remember your own login details as we have no access to re-set.  If you move GP you will need to register for new linkage information to set up your existing account to work with your new GP records

Users must abide by our Terms and Conditions for online access - described further down this page

Register for Proxy Access (on behalf of patient)

Proxy Access can be set up for parents/carers to manage online services for a child/other cared for person who is a patient at our practice. 

The parent/carer does not have to be a patient of this practice but must have their own NHS App or Patient Access account via which they manage the other account as a 'linked user'. 

Where the parent/carer is themselves a patient at Fireclay Health and is requesting access for a patient aged under 11 at the same address, Proxy Access is a simple matter for Reception to set up. 

In all other cases the parent/carer must complete an application form - see Menu.  Patients aged 11 and over must sign to provide their consent for data access - if the patient does not have capacity to consent this must be confirmed by paperwork or a GP before access is provided.

Once set-up for child, the proxy user will be notified by email 3 months prior to child's birthday at age:

11 years - proxy account will be restricted (access to book one appointment only) in order to assess whether or not the patient is competent to manage their own account

16 years - proxy account will be revoked as patients of this age are deemed competent to manage their own account so it would therefore be necessary to reapply for Proxy Access

To register for Proxy Access, please collect the relevant form from Reception for completion and provide the appropriate ID.

Access to your Clinical Record


From 1st November 2022, patients with an online services account will automatically have access to their future/prospective records when viewing online. This will include test results, documents and consultations (in addition to medication, immunisations and appointment booking).

Please see our Patient Record webpage for information on your medical record data and how it may be shared electronically.

Patient Access is supplied by our clinical system provider EMIS and is the online service staff had most familiarity with prior to the development of the NHS App. 

We have prepared guidance (1 page pdf) for completing your registration online with Patient Access.

For any technical issues go to Patient Access support and use 'Technical Support' button or email support@patientaccess.com

Terms and Conditions for Online Services

1.   It is your responsibility to ensure that your Online Services details are not used by anyone else.   If you lose your log-in details please try requesting a password reset from your Online Services provider user ID reminder and/or password reset from the Patient Access website if you provided an email address and mobile phone number when registering.  The practice does not have access to your password.  If you have forgotten your password, we cannot reset it for you, we can only cancel your registration and issue a new registration document - you will need to use these new details to re-register

2.   The use of this service will be monitored and if we find that a user is abusing the service, we will issue a warning letter.  Where the situation does not improve, or recurs, access will be removed.   Examples of inappropriate use are:

  • booking appointments and not turning up for them
  • booking appointments for other family members using your name
  • consistently booking inappropriate appointments